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About Us

Hi! We're Josh and Kathryn. Welcome to Sauce It To Me! Happy you've found us. We're two Coloradans on a mission to get the best hot sauce to your door and help introduce more people to hot sauce as a mealtime staple. 

With our hot sauce subscriptions and gift sets, our goal is to help people understand that hot sauce isn't just heat - it's FLAVOR too! By giving different forms of hot sauce a try, you can add a punch to anything you're eating from breakfast burritos to ice cream and step up your foodie game. 

We want hot sauce to be more approachable by offering a wide array of options. Not everyone wants the finest sauces, or sauce so hot you feel it for days -- you just want what's good!

Well, we're here to give you the good stuff, no matter what heat level you're looking for.

So what are you waiting for? Get saucy with us! With individual hot sauce bottles, subscriptions, hot sauce gift sets, and more, let's expand your hot sauce horizons

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Kathryn and Josh in Crested Butte
- Josh & Kathryn
(And yes, there IS hot sauce in Josh's backback.)